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Elevating Rewards: Your Every Action Counts on Impulse Swap

Earning Impulse with Every Swap: At Impulse Swap, we cherish every swap made by our users, valuing each transaction as a crucial part of our community. To express our gratitude, we reward users with Impulse tokens for every swap conducted on our platform. This initiative not only aims to foster a long-term relationship with our users but also encourages them to introduce their friends to the enriching experience of Impulse Swap.

Liquidity Trading Fees: For users committed to providing liquidity to their preferred pairs, Impulse Swap brings forth extraordinary rewards through liquidity trading fees. A substantial 40% of trading fees is generously distributed among liquidity providers as a token of appreciation for their unwavering support in a specific liquidity pair. This ensures that our liquidity providers not only contribute to the liquidity pool but also reap the benefits of their active involvement.

Yield Farming: For those seeking to deepen their support for a pair, our Yield Farming program offers an even more rewarding avenue. By leveraging LP tokens acquired from liquidity provisioning, users can earn Impulse tokens along with trading fees. The Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) in our Yield Farming program are designed to be highly competitive, promising users an extra layer of rewards that truly amplifies their engagement and commitment to the Impulse Swap ecosystem. Embrace the extraordinary; your active involvement deserves nothing less.

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