IMPULSE token tokenomics: Token Distribution, Use of funds.

Token Generation Event

Emission Summary

  • Community Rewards: 100% locked !! ........ 1% would be yearly for community airdrop and giveaway to increase publicity and appearance across blockchains

  • Token Sale: Vesting of the token would end once the token is launched

  • Reserve & Foundation: 100% locked !! ........ 0.25% to be unlocked quarterly for development

  • Partnership & Sponsorship: If the next quarter has a planned sponsorship, 0.25% would be unlocked for this event, otherwise no unlock would be made

  • Advisors: 0.25% annual unlock for our board of advisors

  • Audit & Bounty: If a new product is released and needs to be audited, 0.25% - 0.5% would be unlocked that quarter for the Audit and Bounty reward otherwise no unlock

  • Liquidity Boost: To be used to increase trading liquidity on an existing swap(AMM) or a new swap

  • Liquidity On TGE: Initial liquidity provision

  • Staking: 2% to be unlocked annually to create a staking pool on the top yield farming AMM at the time to increase publicity

  • Team: 100% locked !! ........ 2% to be unlocked annually for the team members

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