🔧Token Utilities

Our token utilities within the platform

$IMPULSE Token is the backbone of our entire ecosystem.

Empowering Your Voice: Sale Voting on Impulse

Sale Voting: At Impulse, we believe in the power of community choice. With our Sale Voting feature, users wield the influence to cast their votes for their favorite projects. These votes collectively shape the arrangement of projects on the launchpad, ensuring that the community's preferences play a pivotal role. Your voice matters, and Sale Voting is the avenue through which the community actively steers the course of our launchpad, fostering a democratic and inclusive ecosystem.

Reaping Rewards Across the Ecosystem: Impulse Tokens Await

Rewards: The heartbeat of our protocol, the Impulse token, stands as the cornerstone of our reward system. From each swap conducted to active participation in token pools, NFT pools, and yield farming, users are assured of earning Impulse tokens. It's more than just participation; it's a promise of tangible value for your engagement. The Impulse token isn't just a reward; it's a symbol of the thriving community and the opportunities that unfold with every interaction on the Impulse protocol. Your journey is not just about transactions; it's about the enduring value of Impulse tokens earned through active participation across our diverse ecosystem.

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